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Price - $155.00/hour pro rated for time used.
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Body Scan 2010 - In Office

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Introducing technology that bridges the gap between science and complimemtary medicine!

The BodyScan 2010™ multi-channel "harness test" begins by applying a series of electrodes to your forehead, wrists, and ankles. The device performs a calibration test, which establishes two-way communication between your body and the computer. BioScan then runs a painless test by analyzing wave patterns as they encounter similar or dissimilar frequencies associated with your own cells.

If you cannot come into my office, the same scan be preformed on a hair sample. Your hair holds RNA/DNA structure that allows the Body Scan Machine to do a full evaluation.

When the scan is complete, the data is further analyzed and reported according to the type of variations in the signals.

The report will consist of a summary of the overall stress patterns in your body and organs. In essence, the reports are looking at the status of your body's communication network, which runs throughout an extensive matrix of connective tissue.

Then a customized homeopathy/supplemental package is setup as needed to bring the body to balance. Follow ups vary in weeks and months by how the body is achieving and holding balance.