Welcome to Metabolism Magic

Due to Covid and social distancing, I am not taking any new patients.

I am only providing Phone Consultations and utilizing my Hair scan technology for health evaluations on current patients.

Caroline Smith of Metabolism Magic LLC specializes in working with individuals and groups blending food and fitness. She recommends starting with the nutrition program first because many times problems in one’s health are simply a result of incorrect eating for their body. This is not a diet program, it is about making optimum food choices based on your metabolic profile, blood type, body type, activity levels and genetics. The better food choices, eaten in the right ratio and relationship, help move one’s body towards higher levels of health. If there is a weak link in the system it often becomes more evident as one eats more balanced for their body (for more information on Nutritional One on One Consultation, CLICK HERE).

If the specific changes in one’s food choices do not bring them enough support and improve their energy, then the Body Scan becomes the next step. This is a bio-electrical feedback system that lets us look at the whole picture of how stress is affecting the body and then work to bring it back to balance at the root of the problem not chasing symptoms. A homeopathic and supplement program is set up, based on the individuals specific health issues. When moving to higher levels of health, often one must work through “old stuff”. They may feel worse before they improve. The better their nutrition, the more the body can repair and heal. If the body is not getting what it needs from the food it relies on more supplementation to provide it with the nutrients to heal (For more information on the Body Scan, CLICK HERE).

The BodyScan evaluations can also be done remotely through a hair sample as well as for animals. The hair or fur holds the RNA/DNA structure and the current is run through the Body Scan machine for a full evaluation of the stress and imbalances in the body. The sessions are taped and sent to you with the instructions and appropriate customized homeopath and/or supplements. (to find out what to do for a Hair Scan, CLICK HERE)

The way we heal is from the top-down, inside-out and in the reverse order of how we got to where we presently are. The end product is a body that is balanced in body, mind and spirit.