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Due to Covid and social distancing, I am not taking any new patients.

I am only providing Phone Consultations and utilizing my Hair scan technology for health evaluations on current patients.

BodyScan™ 2010

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PLEASE NOTE – Appointment cancellation notice of less than 48 hours will result in a charge equal to the hourly fee.

Introducing technology that bridges the gap between science and complimentary medicine!

The BodyScan 2010™ multi-channel “harness test” begins by applying a series of electrodes to your forehead, wrists, index fingers and ankles. The device performs a calibration test, which establishes two-way communication between your body and the computer. BodyScan then runs a painless test by analyzing wave patterns as they encounter similar or dissimilar frequencies associated with the stress within your cells.

When the scan is complete, the data is analyzed for imbalances in the body. The report consists of a summary of the overall stress patterns in your body and organs and looking at the status of your body’s communication network. A package is setup using homeopathics and/or supplements to help the body achieve balance.

The time between BodyScan follow up appointments varies between weeks and months, determined by how the body is achieving and holding balance. Working with proper food choices, staying hydrated, exercising, and dealing with your stress allows the frequency of the appointments to be less.

If you can’t come into my office, the scan can be preformed on a hair sample because hair holds your RNA/DNA structure that can be evaluated. CLICK HERE for more information on setting up a remote hair evaluation.

If you want more information, read these downloads What is Bionetics and BodyScan brochure for your information.