Welcome to Metabolism Magic

Due to Covid and social distancing, I am not taking any new patients.

I am only providing Phone Consultations and utilizing my Hair scan technology for health evaluations on current patients.

Setting up a Hair Scan for Remote Evaluation

Email us at info@metabolismmagic.com to set up an appointment.

Even though you are not going to be in the office with me I still have to lock out a time slot so it is a bound appointment. If I do not receive what I need to do the scan in the mail before that slot, it would be a no show and the appropriate fee charged for the missed appointment.

Cut a pinch of hair from the back of the head at the nape. Put in a tissue or Ziploc bag.

Print the forms from the BodyScan 2010 section – Download Required BodyScan Forms. The ones I need are the Health History, Stress Survey, Authorization Form, Informed Consent, HIPPA form, The Privacy Policy Explanation and the Cancellation Policy. You can add a separate Health history Summary if you need to tell me more things than what’s asked for. Fill them out and put in a sealed white #10 envelope and place inside the other envelope. I will open them after I have run the scan and recorded the information of what I have found. You will hear me open the envelope on the tape when I have reached that point in the appointment.

Tape one sample of each medication and any supplement you are taking or want tested. I do not need to know the doses as that will be set as part of the package, if they test alright once the evaluation is done. I do not take you off the medications. They will stay at the same dose as prescribed. I will clear the residual toxins, if applicable, that the med is creating in the body. If the supplement samples sent to me are not appropriate I will advise you to stay off them for now. I will keep the samples on file and then retest in the future scan appointment. As the body layers, it might come around to needing that support. Anything taken that is not appropriate can increase inflammation due to the toxic build up.

If you are taking any liquid supplements, put a few drops in a Ziploc and then put that Ziploc into another Ziploc. Do not put all of the sample Ziplocs into one big one, as they leak through the plastic, and then cross contaminate each other.

Send everything to Caroline Smith, 1061 Thames Street, Highlands Ranch, CO. 80126 I will send the audio tape, instruction sheet and handouts, products needed and invoice to you with an option to pay via check or PAYPAL.