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Due to Covid and social distancing, I am not taking any new patients.

I am only providing Phone Consultations and utilizing my Hair scan technology for health evaluations on current patients.

1-on-1 Consultation

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Download Required 1-on-1 forms If the Metabolism Magic MP3’s CD’s or audio tapes are purchased it takes away the need to do sessions one and four (a savings of over $310.00). The sessions are described below:

Session One: An overview which looks at the role of water, exercise as an intensity and a brief introduction to the nutrition elements. Some discussion on how blood type and body type play into the food choices is taught. It is recommended that a heart rate monitor be purchased so that the client can determine what fuel they are using as a primary source, fats versus sugar (glycogen). In addition, it is important to determine if one is working out at the appropriate level for their age and conditioning level. They will be given some homework to log a few days of food, what you eat, the time and how they felt before and after, along with the fluid they took in, along with the activity they did.

Session Two: (7 – 10 days later) The information on the heart rate and the food logs are reviewed so that I can determine what metabolic fuel you are primarily using and what relationship you are eating. Measurements are taken so that the body fat can be calculated. The lean body mass is determined and the total minutes of activity assessed so that the protein can be determined for the day. A pattern is laid down to distribute the protein across the day and then the rest of the meal plan with the carbohydrates and fats set up. The total protein for the day is based on your muscle mass and movement. The system is taught and a stack of handouts provided to support the learning of the program. Ideas are discussed of the foods being eaten to come up with better combination that will help the individual set up the correct relationship. We start with broad range on food choices, there is no NO, and then as one eats various combinations they see how they feel differently some fine tuning of choices is made. They play with ideas for a while as they are learning the new way of approaching eating and then follow up for additional learning.

Session Three: (about a month later) A follow-up to cover how the protein, carbohydrate and fat relationship indicated when there is an imbalance in the choices. Tips and tricks are covered to help with any roadblocks that are being encountered, eating on the go tips and travel options are also discussed. For females the menstrual cycle is covered and how it affects the eating pattern and energy throughout the month. In addition a technique is taught to you so that you can evaluate whether supplements or certain food choices are balanced for your body. This session helps bring things together as it takes some time to learn the process. Part of the learning is in the doing and experiencing the balance and imbalances of a meal.

Session Four: (when the resting heart rate has dropped and the individual is doing more and more work to stay in their low zone for exercise) This will cover the three parameters of fitness, combining the base with intervals and tempo, how to create the 3 day cycle of the metabolism, issues with hard and easy rotations, and back to back shifts that upset the metabolism’s cycles. If a person has specific exercise goals these are discussed in the laying out of the schedule for exercise during the session.

An as needed session Not everyone needs additional help, some people want help at the store, some need more ideas for menus, some wait until they are ready for the next level of fitness changes.